How to get out of dark negative times

How to get out of dark negative times

Many people often times find themselves in dark and negative times. In these times they feel not just a bit moody but have a feeling of deep sadness. A few find ways to get along with their problems quickly but others struggle heavily with this feeling of depression. The ways to overcome the times of depression need to be discovered and endured. If you want to learn more about this topic, then this blog post is the right one for you. 

Main thoughts

First we need to look at the emotions themselves and their reasons for why they occur. Depression can have many reasons. Philosophers, psychologists and scientists are still arguing about the events and circumstances that make a person depressed. In this negative times the person gets overwhelmed with the problems life faces and starts questioning his self-worth. He is not just being sad over a breakup or about a minor inconvenience. He’s left with no answers to his problems, in a hopeless place in which he criticizes himself.

Most reasons for such depressions could be that you rely on a few factors for your self-worth. This could be other people. For example if you have a spouse who you look for their approval and opinion of yourself. This person can be called the dominant other. If this dominant other goes then you could become depressed.
Another thing could be that you rely on a dominant goal. The problem is  not the goal, it’s more the problem that you attach your self-worth to your goal.  People often times set a high goal with the thought that if they don’t achieve that goal that they are worthless.

The most popular reason could be that you rely on your social mask, your status, looks and etc. You get too attached to one personality that if it gets criticized then you will feel worthless. You’ll get the feeling that you need to change completely to get accepted.


Now that we have discovered the possible reasons for depression, we can say that we need to look deeply in ourselves. You need to find the psychological reasons for why you are like the person you are. This concept is called self-analysis. It’s proposed by many philosophers and psychologists like Karen Horney. She calls it an:

 “attempt to be patient and analyst at the same time.” (Karen Horney, Self-Analysis)

You need to look at your emotions and for why they are there. Most people got heavily influenced through a traumatic event in their childhood. It can be of course other memories too. Look in yourself for finding the answers to your questions. After you have discovered the reasons for your emotions then you can look on improving your situation.
A misconception could be that you could become a completely different person. That is not the case because our psyche is shaped in a specific way. But you can still look for ways to improve yourself and to achieve your ideal version.

Famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote about that:

“Become who you are” (Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra)

In finding the real “you”, you will get out your negative times and achieve mental well-being.


It needs to be said that in no form could be a blog post or any kind of online service hold the same value as a real psychological treatment.

If you have real problems it is still advised to seek for professional help and advice.

But if this blog post was still helpful, feel free to share it.

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18 year old who wants to improve his life and help other people along the road

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