The Truth about Self-Improvement

The Truth about Self-Improvement

Self-Improvement can be a great thing with all his joys and advantages. When you first get started with self-improvement, you will get immediately hooked for more. There are some things that you should know about this topic. This article shows the general things you should know about self-improvement. I’m also sharing my thoughts on this topic.

Main thoughts

Like many others I got interested in self-improvement and wanted to learn more about it. I learned some things but I’m also still learning. One thing I learned was how deep I got in this topic. Subscribing to another self-help YouTube channel and buying another self-help book were part of my life.  I  realized something: I’m spending so much time on learning about self-help.

This is a good thing at first but what I’m getting at is that I was spending so much time on self-help and not on other things. My normal day consisted of watching self-improvement YouTube videos, adding another self-help book to my reading list and trying to learn more things. The problem with that is that I have spent so much time on learning that I got stuck in the learning phase. I got almost addicted to self-improvement. 

This problem encounter many people. Why is that ? First you start with self-help and get pumped up to learn more. Your brain rewards you with the dopamine hormone. Your brain will crave for more dopamine and will make you repeat the actions that release the dopamine. This is why so many people get addicted to fast-food, gaming, alcohol, porn and drugs. 

So your brain makes you want to repeat the action that release dopamine. In that case it’s  the gaining of knowledge from a self-help book, video or motivational quote. That’s why you will find yourself spending so much time on reading and learning about topics like improving yourself. The entire self-help industry builds on this. The customers will always come back for more.

Learning in itself isn’t bad, but you shouldn’t get stuck in the learning phase. You need to gather some information and then proceed to act. This way you will progress more. You won’t get further in life without acting upon the knowledge you gain. 

So there’s that problem. You are not only stuck in your progress, but you are also spending way too much time on this whole self-improvement thing. You need to live the life that you build with all this knowledge. Don’t spend your time reading another self-help book or buying the next self-help course. Instead enjoy the things that you worked for.

Another thing is that it does not matter if you are spending so much time on learning all these things. Find out the crucial information you need to get your life in order and then move on. Don’t get stuck on the little things.


Don’t spend too much time on self-help. Be interested in improving yourself, but don’t get stuck in the learning phase. Act and enjoy the things that you worked for.

I hope that this article was helpful to you. Feel free to share this blog. 




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18 year old who wants to improve his life and help other people along the road

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18 year old who wants to improve his life and help other people along the road

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