22 Ways To Improve Yourself in 7 Months and Experience 100X Results In Your Life

22 Ways To Improve Yourself in 7 Months and Experience 100X Results In Your Life

Do you want to improve yourself fast ? Ever wondered how much you could change in a few months ? Read this article to find out more about all the ways you can improve yourself. There are many possibilities and after you have implemented a few, you will want to try out even more.

1. Quit Social Media (or limit it at least)

The best thing to do if you want to improve yourself is quitting social media.

I know this could be hard for you.

But it definitely pays off.

You will have more time to spend, your mental health will improve and you will feel overall better.

Social media or technology sucks so much of our time.

If you want to improve your daily life, try at least to limit your social media consumption.

2. Use your Social Media Time wisely

You can still use your social media if you try to use that time wisely.

Don’t spend your time on dumb videos or celebrity drama.

Follow interesting people that will inspire you.

Change your feed so you will have only useful things on it.

Subscribe to accounts that provide information from around the world.

Find out how you can make social media work for you.

3. Quit Bad Habits

Another thing that will change your life completely is quitting your bad habits.

Bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol are obviously not good for you.

You will  do yourself a favor by quitting these habits.

Not only will your physical health improve but your mental health aswell.

4. Get good sleep

The quality of your sleep is important for your daily life.

Get at least 7-9 hours to be completely rested.

Find out what is the right amount of sleep  for you.

In order to have a good sleep you need to:

  • not look at electrical screens half an hour before you go to bed
  • drink a lot of water the day before
  • open your window blends when you wake up, so your body gets adjusted to the suncycle
  • have a comfortable room with a cool temperature that is completely dark during nighttime

If you implement these few things, you will have a better sleep.

5. A good morning routine

A good morning routine will make you ready for the day.

Try out exercising or meditation.

You can also do your hygiene routine.

Don’t look at your phone the first hours of the day. 

Try out reading instead.

6. Read more books

A good way to spend your time on improving yourself is by starting to read more books.

Reading has many great benefits.

It will make you more focused, train your brain and you will learn more.

You have to read the right books for that.

Concentrate on non-fictional educational books or fictional books with great lessons.

Don’t waste your time with unimportant books.

Many lessons can be learned from classical novels like the Great Gatsby

Try to read at least 20 minutes a day.

7. Drink more water

This might be very obvious, but drinking water is really healthy.

Reduce your soda drink or coffee intake.

Focus rather on drinking 2 litres of water a day.

You will feel more healthy in many aspects

8. Eat healthy

Eating healthy is hands down the best thing you can do to improve yourself

Cut out fried food, unhealthy sugar-filled snacks and your good to go.

It’s important that you shift your mindset.

This is not a temporary mindset change.

You need to do that for the rest of your life.

Healthy food does not mean that you have to eat vegan or all-organic.

Watch your macros and your nutritions and you still can eat what you like.

9. Start exercising

Exercising will help you look better and feel better.

Try to build a workout routine every 2-3 days.

You will feel:

  • less stressed
  • more confident
  • more healthy

It’s important that you stay consistent.

Don’t give up to early.

10. Stop wasting your time

You need to stop wasting your time on unimportant things.

These things are either unimportant activities like scrolling your social media or watching the TV.

Stop wasting your precious time on things like these.

Instead of watching the TV, you could do so many things that could bring you forward.

Replace your time at the TV or at the phone with a book you read or with some time with your family and friends.

11. Stop caring so much

Caring about too many things is also a waste of time.

If you care about everything that goes around in the world, you will never feel relaxed.

The same goes for the opinions of other people.

You can’t make everyone happy.

The only thing that you will a create is too much stress.

Your mental health will put too much pressure on your body.

So if you want to be more healthy, learn how you can stop caring about other opinions.

12. Make the most out of your time

If you don’t want to waste your time, try to make the most of the time you have.

Outsource the time you have, to do things that bring you closer to your goals.

Everyone has 24 hours, make something with them.

How can I make the most out of my time ?

You can use your driving time to listen to audiobooks or useful podcasts.

Have a book with you and read it when you have a few spare minutes.

There are many opportunities to make the most out of your time.

13. Writting a journal

A great tool to use, if you want to stop wasting your time, is a journal.

In it you can write down your goals.

You can write about your daily, your monthly and your yearly goals.

Plan out your day in the morning.

This will help you to have a clear mind.

It will also help you reaching your goals. 

14. Set goals

You need goals in life to get forward.

Have a clear understanding of what you want.

As previously mentioned, write your goals down in a journal.

Think about the dreams you have.

Work towards them.

15. Cold shower

A cold shower everyday will help you start the day.

You will be more awake and full of energy.

There are many other healthy effects that you read online about.

Make it part of your morning routine.

16. Gratitude

A great thing that will help you on your journey is gratitude.

Gratitude will help you to be more happy.

You need to be thankful for what you have.

We realize the things we had only when after we have lost them.

Be grateful for your family, your friends and your situation.

17. Find a hobby

Start a new hobby !

I have started playing the guitar at the beginning of this year.

A hobby is a great thing that you could implement in your daily life.

Find out what you have always wanted to do.

After that, simply do it !

18. Learn a new skill

Try to learn a new skill every month.

It can be cooking, technical work or a communication skill.

You will improve so much if you concentrate on a thing every month.

19. Come out your comfort zone

If you want to learn a new skill or a find a hobby, you will have to leave your comfort zone.

All the best things are outside the comfort zone.

New friends, new opportunities and many more great things.

I know that it can be hard to leave your comfort zone.

But trust me it pays off and its definitely something you should do.

Face your fears.

20. Say ‘yes’ to opportunities

If you want to leave your comfort zone more often, you will have to say ‘yes’ to more opportunities.

Don’t miss out on all the things that you could do.

You don’t have to overthink every decision.

Take the next opportunities and see where that gets you.

Of course you shouldn’t do obviously dangerous things.

But try to say ‘yes’ to opportunities more often.

21.  Make new friends

In order for you to change, you will have to change-up your friend circle.

The people you surround yourself with have such a big impact on you.

Don’t be surrounded by losers and people who don’t want you to win.

If you want change something, you will have to meet new people.

Meet new people who will lift you up and give you value in life.

Learn how you can make new friends and get going.


You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.

22. Be consistent

The most important thing that you could do is to be consistent with every one of these steps.

You won’t change much, if you will only do this for a few days.

Don’t get discouraged too easily.

Keep your goal in mind and be patient.


I hope that you could take something away from these few tips.

If you have something to add, write it in the comments.

Feel free to share this article, if it was helpful.

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18 year old who wants to improve his life and help other people along the road

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18 year old who wants to improve his life and help other people along the road

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Wow this was really good, I def wrote down steps to implement asap into my life! Thank you for this and it’s incredible that you are only 18 years old! Amazing!