16 Ways you can become a people magnet

16 Ways you can become a people magnet

Are you feeling lonely ? Do you want to make new friends ? Then this blog post could be helpful. In this blog post you will find out more about how you can improve your social skills, get people to like you and how you can make new friends.

1. Don’t criticize

You shouldn’t criticize people, if you want people to like you.

Unless you know how you can criticize them without hurting their feelings.

The thing is that every time you criticize someone, they will react emotionally.

They won’t admit the mistake they made and never change their mind.

Because their ego was hurt.

2. Fire People up

Awake the fire within people, to make them like you.

You will be a much more appealing person that way.

Everytime you make people feel great and enthusiastic, you will build a personal connection.

How do you do that ?

By complementing them.

Not just plain complements. Really think about what you like about the other person.

This will help so much more.

3. Smile

Whenever you smile you will be so much more appealing to other people.

You will look more happier, more friendlier and more attractive.

People want to be around people they can trust.

They will trust you more when you look more friendly.

That means: no creepy smiles.

4. A Positive Mindset

A positive mindset will make you a real people magnet.

If you want to attract more people, do that by having a positive mindset.

People won’t like to be around you when you are all down and negative all the time.

Unless they are the same way.

Be more positive and uplifting.

5. Think of the desires of other people

Another way of becoming a people magnet is one thing you have to do:

Think of the desires and wishes of other people.

You won’t have many friends, if you only care about yourself.

People like to talk about themselves as much as you do.

So listen to their desires and wishes.

After that try to work towards them.

6. Remember names and use them

If you want to build a personal connection with other people, you need to use their names.

For that you need to remember the names of the people you meet. 

This will be so effective.

People like to hear their own name.

It’s like music for their ears.

They will feel appreciated and liked because you remembered their name.

So try to really remember their names and use them in your conversation.

7. Talk about the interests of other people

People will more likely talk more with you, when you have interesting topics.

An interesting topic could be the topic that the other person is interested in.

When you start talking about that, the other person will feel appreciated.

People like to talk about themselves and they will talk more about their interests.

Use that to your advantage.

8. The one thing that will make you a people magnet

The most important thing you can do to become a people magnet is:


Sound’s easy, but it isn’t.

You need to really listen to what the other person has to say.

Don’t just wait for your turn.

Listen and remember what you heard.

People like when they are heard and they will like you more when you listen to them.

9. Make the other person feel appreciated

People like to hear  good things about themselves.

If you want to create healthy relationships, you’ll need to make the other person feel that they are worth something.

Everyone has his doubts about themselves.

But everyone also has his own strengths.

You have to really look for these strengths and tell the other person about them.

Make them feel happy about themselves !

Let them know that they mean something.

10. Be comfortable

Show that you are comfortable around the other person.

Joke around, be relaxed.

The other person will feel comfortable too.

11. Look for the same interests

There will probably be things that you have in common with other people.

After you’ve found out about the other persons interests, look for the same you have.

A great and interesting conversation will unfold when you have something in common.

12. Body language

Together with your smile you should have a good body language.

Dont have your arms crossed or your shoulders turned inwards.

Stand tall and relaxed.

Have an open body language to show that you are comfortable.

13. Be aware of your tone

Talk with excitement.

Be awake and don’t talk monotonous.

You want the other person to feel excited too and not make them fall asleep.

You will come of as more interesting, when you are speaking with excitement.

14. Be authentic

Don’t be someone you aren’t.

People will take notice of your behaviour.

They will find out when you are acting kind of funny.

So be yourself but don’t forget the other rules.

15. Admit your weakness

We are humans.

Everyone has weaknesses.

It will only make you more human and authentic when you talk about your weaknesses.

And you will share something personal with the other person.

This creates trust.

16. Don’t push your interests

If you want to be a people magnet, you shouldn’t push your interests.

Care about the other person and their interests.

You won’t be really liked when you only talk about themselves.

Keep that in mind when talking with other people.


If you want to find out more about this topic, read the book ‘How to win friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie.

A book review for this book is here.

If you this post helped, feel free to share with others.

Hope you enjoyed it.




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18 year old who wants to improve his life and help other people along the road

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