11 Tips to build Mental Strength in only 14 days

11 Tips to build Mental Strength in only 14 days

Are you feeling sensible ? Or mentally weak ? There’s no need to stay that way if you want to change. There are many ways to build mental strength. And you can feel the results of must of them in only a few days! So check out these 11 Tips to build Mental Strength in only 14 days.

1.Motivation to build Mental Strength

You need to find motivation to endure all challenges and reach your goal.

What I like to think of is the burning desire of something so great, a dream that I want to achieve and for that I need to learn certain skills.

Find that desire that motivates you to keep going.

The desire that will help to consistently build mental strength.

2. Stop taking everything personal

You need to stop taking everything so personal.

Some things are not that bad or important.

By over-personalizing you put yourself on too much pressure.

Learn to let go of things that are not that important.

3.Balance emotions with logic

To become a mentally strong person, you’ll need to balance your emotions.

Don’t let your emotions rule the way you behave.

Most of the times your decisions get influenced by emotions.

But some decisions require, not only logic, but a good amount of emotions.

Find that balance between the two for optimal decisions.

4. Take responsibility

Mentally strong people always take responsibility for their actions.

Stop making excuses or blaming others.

Your losses are yours.

You are responsible for your actions.

5. Ask for help

It does not mean that you have to do this all alone.

If you need help at something, ask the right person.

mentally strong person always knows the right time when he needs to ask for help.

6. Look for kindness and deliver kindness

You’ll find what you are looking for.

If you are always seeing the negative things in everything, you will be negative.

Look for the good things.

If that’s not enough then try this:

Help people, say thank you, complement others.

Be kind.

When you are kind you will attract kindness.

7. Overcome challenges step by step

Mentally strong people are strong because they overcame challenges.

They pushed through hard times.

And how did they do that ?

Step by step.

Have your final goal in mind and cut the challenge into smaller tasks.

8. Be grateful for what you have

Most of the people always want more and more.

This is why you are not happy.

If you always look at things that you want, you will think that you have not enough.

Shift your mindset and be grateful for what you have.

You will be so much happier.

By not needing so many things, you will build mental strength.

9. Learn from your past and don’t dwell

Stop dwelling on the past.

We both know that you can’t change the past without time machines.

Instead of thinking at what you failed, use it to learn from it.

You can use the mistakes you made and improve yourself.

That way you won’t make the same mistakes.

10. Stop having self-pity

You should stop having self-pity.

This will only add up to your mental misery.

Look at the things that you don’t like about yourself.

Then start working on yourself.

That way you will become a better version of yourself.

11. Start saying “no”

Your time is valuable.

Don’t waste your energy and your time on everybody.

If you say yes to everything, you won’t have time for your goals.

Start saying “no” to people that aren’t worth your time.

That way you will build mental strength and toughness.


With discipline and doing uncomfortable things you get results.

It all comes down to one thing.

Shift your mindset.

If you change your subconscious, you will be mentally strong.



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18 year old who wants to improve his life and help other people along the road

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18 year old who wants to improve his life and help other people along the road

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