20 Best Ways to deal with Anxiety

20 Best Ways to deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is a big problem and mental health issue. Since Mental Health is a big part of our lives and crucial for our success, we should start to figure our problems out.Many people struggle with anxiety. It affects them in their daily life, at work and in school. But some people also find a Way to deal with Anxiety. Here are the 20 Best Ways to deal with anxiety.

1.Think about it until your bored.

One Way is to think about your worries until you are bored with them.

Repeat the thoughts you have about a worry for about 20 times.

Your mind will get bored and you won’t worry much anymore about something.

2. Breath slowly

If you are always stressed you probably breath rapidly.

Try to focus more on breathing slowly and deep.

That Way you release the tension of your body and relax more.

3.Recognize its not so bad

Sometimes you’ll get  worrying thoughts of daily situations.

The fear of leaving the iron on or simply making a mistake.

We think that these things always lead to danger. 

But in reality that’s not true.

Think of every worrying thought that is unimportant and let it pass by.

4.Don’t fight your thoughts

Whenever you get an anxious thought, you try to fight it.

That’s wrong because anxiety is sometimes normal.

Everyone encounters anxiety in their life.

Don’t beat yourself up because of something that is unimportant.

5.Disconnect from your thoughts

You can try to disconnect from your thoughts.

Think about something that worries you and let go of it.

Visualize it and then just walk away.

You are the master of your mind so you should control your thoughts.

6. Face your fears

A good way to deal with anxiety is to confront something that you are anxious about.

For Example:

You are afraid of making a mistake during a presentation.

Then you should make a mistake intentionally in your next presentation.

You will see that it’s not so bad.

7.Set aside time to worry

Set yourself a time of the day in which you think about your worries.

For Example:

  • You set yourself 3.00 pm is worry time
  • You go on in your day without worries until 3.00 pm
  • Have something thinking about your worries for  about 20 minutes
  • Go on with your day.

You will realize that you can live without constantly worrying .

8. Let go of your fears

If you constantly try to think about an upcoming worrying situation, nothing good will come out.

You will panick and only make the situation worse with you being nervous.

Realize that theirs no point in worrying about something in advance.

Instead believe in yourself and your abilities and tackle the challenges then they come up.

9.Make priorities

Look at your worries and see what’s important.

Ask yourself:

Will this bother me next year or even next week ?

If you answer yes then you should think about it.

If it’s no then you can let it go.

Go on, it’s not a big of a deal.


Working out can help you with your anxiety.

Exercise is a great habit.

You will get more confident and have time in which you can let go of your thoughts.

If you don’t want to work out then you can try yoga.

11. Avoid Social Media

Social Media is a big reason for many people, why they are anxious.

People always see those perfect people with their perfect lifes.

This leads them to compare themselves.

They feel like their life is not so great.

Even now, that’s not true.

Social Media only shows the good sides of a person.  

Not the reality.

Try to spend less time on social media and see how much you’ll benefit from that.

12.Find your triggers

Some advice does not work with everybody.

Find out what makes you anxious.

A good way to deal with your personal situation is to find out how your body reacts.

From then on you can start figuring out how you can better your situation.

13. A healthy lifestyle

Anxiety will only get worse with junk food, drugs and laziness.

Develop a healthy lifestyle.

Start eating things that give you nutrients and energy.

Stop drinking alcohol.

Set yourself goals and tackle them.

A healthy lifestyle will make you proud of yourself and your achievements.

You won’t have any time to worry about things.

14. Use it to grow

A growth mindset will help you in your life.

Think of your flaws and setbacks that make you anxious as opportunities to grow.

By tackling the things you are anxious about will make you stronger and benefit your life.

15. Act it out

Go through a situation that makes you anxious.

Act out how the situation might go.

For example rehearse a presentation.

Experts say that acting out your worries will help you to reduce the stress.

16. Give yourself a break

Constantly worrying is not good for you.

Realize that you are not responsible for everything.

You should go on.

It doesn’t make sense to dwell on any things that you can’t change.

17. Go for it

You should not let anxiety dictate your life.

Face the situations that make you anxious.

You won’t come anywhere if you let things how they are.

The short-term pain you’ll have will result in you becoming a better self.

18. Relax

Focus on things that are not anxiety driven and that relax you.

This can be:

  • Reading a good book
  • Listening to music
  • Spending time with friends and family

19. Get rid of bad habits

Like social media, their can be many things that cause anxiety.

This can be porn addiction, playing toxic video games, spending time with bad people.

Get rid of these things and see how much your life will change.

20. Don’t let your life be dictated by anxiety

Your life should be enjoyed.

There are so many great things in the world.

Don’t fall  in a constant negative mood.

Your life shouldn’t be dictated by  constantly worrying.

If you are really suffering from a mental health issue than you should consider professional help.


You are the master of your mind.

Only you control what goes in your mind not somebody else.

Don’t let anyone’s opinion dictate how you feel.

Be aware of what you are capable.

You have so many abilities to form something great.

You are amazing.

Realize that.



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18 year old who wants to improve his life and help other people along the road

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