32 Legit Ways to make money from home

32 Legit Ways to make money from home

Do you want to make money from home ? There are many ways how you can do that. But not all of them are legal or scam-free. Here’s a list with 32 Legit Ways to make money from home.

1.Write a blog: Monetizing

Writing a blog offers you the option to make money and write about your passion.

By getting traffic on your articles you can make money by using ads.

You need to get a lot of viewers so you can monetize your site with ads.

2.Write a blog: Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make money through your blog is by using affiliate marketing.

You can make money with writing about affiliate products from company’s that pay you.

In order for that you can  contact affiliate marketing agency’s directly.

3. Write a blog: Paid Courses

After that you can make money from home by offering paid courses on your niche.

This courses should revolve around your topic.

But most importantly they should be valuable for your viewers.

4.Write a blog: Digital Products

A great way to make money with your blog is by selling digital products.

These products can be e-books for example.

Selling digital products can be an awesome way to make an passive income.

You make the product, set everything up on your site, automate the selling process and then wait for customers.

That shouldn’t be a big problem with a big audience.

5.Create a YouTube Channel: Monetizing

If you don’t feel like writing then maybe you want to make YouTube videos around your passion.

At first you don’t need a big, expensive setup.

What is important, is that you have valuable content and that you are authentic.

One Way to make money with YouTube is obviously with Google Ads.

6. Create a YouTube Channel: Brand Sponsorships

You can reach out to big brands and collaborate with them.

If they want to work with you then you can make sponsored videos surrounding that brand.

That way you can make money from with your YouTube Videos.

7.Create a YouTube Channel: Selling products

After you established a big fanbase than you can start by expanding your channel into a business.

Create a product surrounding your niche and make a brand out of it.

You can then proceed by setting up a business with selling these products.

8.An easy way to make money from home: Surveys

With a simple google search you can find many survey sites.

These sites will pay you for your opinion.

Be careful because there are many scam sites.

9.Sell your old stuff online: books

Maybe you have some books from your childhood.

Maybe you have some old gems in your collection.

Either way you should look through your old books and sell them.

10.Sell your old stuff online: clothes

You should also look through your closet.

Sell the clothes that you don’t wear anymore and that are in great shape.

Maybe you can make some money.

You can use platforms like e-bay, etsy and many more apps and sites.

You could even do a garage sale. 


You can launch a dropshipping site on shopify.

With dropshipping you sell products from online markets like alibabba.com and etc.

You sell them for a higher price than you buy them.

That way you can set up a passive income stream.

For that you set up an automated website and get many customers.

11.Get paid for online activities

Online services like swagbucks will pay for activities like:

  • visiting sites
  • watch videos
  • opinion polls
  • online shops

12. Get paid for testing apps

You can get paid for testing apps.

For that you can search many services on the internet.

After signing up you can start testing apps and get paid.

13. Get paid for testing websites

You can also get paid for testing websites.

Services like User Testing and What Users do will pay you.

You can earn up to 10 $ or 20 $ per test.

14. Freelance Writing

If you like writing than you can start earning by freelance writing.

You need to be able to write good articles.

If so then you pitch your work to services like Earn more Writing.

This work will include blog posts, eBooks and many more.

15.Write Resumes

If you still like to write then you can write resumes.

Services like Talent Inc. will pay you for resumes that you write.

16. Design Graphics

If you like to design graphics then you can make a career from that.

First you can start on Fiverr by 5 $ per task.

Tasks will include graphics and logos for websites, authors and company’s.

After you’ve established a good client base you can earn a good amount of money.

17.Become a Virtual assistant

A Virtual assistant is someone who overlooks websites and their tasks.

  • Schedule blog posts
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Answer emails
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Customer service

You earn up to 10 000 $ as a Virtual assistant of  a freelance business.

18. Become a Proofreader

You can start Proofreading to earn extra money.

Sign up on Proofreading Anywhere to get started.

Your work will include reading blog posts, e-books and news articles. 

19.Transcribing Audio

If you like to work with audio then you can start by transcribing audio.

On sites like TranscribeMe you can get started.

Your work will consist of transcribing audio to clients.

20.Data Entry

If you can type at least 45 WPM then Data Entry might be for you.

Task on sites like Dion Data Solutions will include:

  • Grouping data from multiple documents into a single document
  • Gathering names from LinkedIn to build a marketing database of leads
  • Processing mail-in rebates
  • Processing invoices
  • Entering medical data
  • Maintaining an Excel spreadsheet of income and expenses

Your type of work will depend of the business you’ll work.

21. Social Media: Sponsored Posts

You can leverage your Social Media Accounts for some extra money.

A way to do that could be by reaching out to Brands.

If they want to work with you then you  can make sponsored posts about these brands.

22. Social Media: Shoutouts

You can build a big social media page with a huge reach and use that.

You can sign up on official shoutout pages and get paid for shoutouts.

This can be for other accounts or company’s.

23. Social Media: Selling digital products

After you’ve established a big audience you can start to monetize on that.

You can sell digital products and get a passive income stream.

For example if you are a photographer with a certain editing style, then you can sell your editing presets.

24. Social Media: Selling own products

You can expand your social media account into a business.

Create a product in your niche for example a protein powder brand if you are a fitness influencer.

With your reach, you can then sell these products.

25. Tutor English Online

If you  are reading this article that far then I assume that you are fluent in English.

You can earn extra money by tutoring english.

Some sites like Cambly or Open English will pay 13$ per hour.

26. Tutor Online: Udemy

If you have a certain skill then you teach that to other people.

If you know how to play the guitar then start teaching that.

On sites like udemy you can teach skills and make money with that.

27. Tutor Online: Own Website

You can start freelance teaching by setting up  your own website.

Use your social media reach to get more people to watch you.

This will open up more income streams like courses, digital products , ads  and affiliate marketing.

All around your passion.

28. Social Media Marketing Agency

If you learn how to grow social media pages then you can start a social media marketing agency.

Through this you will grow pages for clients like small businesses or other influencers.

That way you can earn another way through social media.

29. Micro-Investing Apps

Micro Investing Apps like Acorns or Stash are a great way to start investing.

That way you can use your spare change for something useful.

Acorns rounds up every one of your purchases and invest the difference.

30. Lower your monthly bills

You can make more by spending less.

Look at your monthly spending, analyze what you don’t need and what you can cut out.

That way you get more money that you can invest.

31. Make money through working out

Apps like Achievement will pay you to exercise.

Some of the healthy activities you get paid for include:

  • Tracking Steps
  • Sleeping
  • Healthy Eating
  • Social Media Shares
  • Answering Surveys
  • Joining Challenges

The App pays you through with PayPal.

32. Invest your money.

A good way to make a passive income is through investing.

Learn more about investing and profit of your knowledge.

There are many great books surrounding that topic.


I think the thing that many points on this list have in in common is:

Build something around your passion.

If you don’t have a passion yet, consider checkin out this blog post.

If you make your passion your job, your life will change to the better.

Keep that in mind.



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18 year old who wants to improve his life and help other people along the road

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