6 Best Habits and how you can implement them

6 Best Habits and how you can implement them

Good habits are important for your success and for a good life because they automate tasks, improve your life and come with many benefits on their own.

Succesful people leverage their success from their Best Habits.

But what are the Best Habits , you might ask. So here‘s a list I made with the  6 Best Habits and how you can implement them.


1.Working out

Succesful people leverage their success from their Best Habits, like Tim Ferris.

Working out is one of them.

Getting in shape and being fit has many physical and mental health benefits, like having a healthy heart or increased confidence.

Working out is great for stress relief and gives you a time where you can let loose of your thoughts.

If you want to start improving your life then you should definitely start to work out.

2.Spending Time efficiently

It‘s important that you develop the habit of spending time wisely, because time is the most precious thing in life.

You should use your time to concentrate on 3 things:

  • Working on your goals (Constant Learning, Work, Grind)

  • Socializing with people who bring you joy and lift you up

  • Rest (sleep the right amount you need, reflect on your progress)

You shouldn’t waste your time on things that don‘t bring you money, happiness or any value to life.


3.Reading Books

Reading is an important habit to develop because it‘s the best way to process information.

Reading helpful books for life around topics like money management, health, etc. is a good way to learn new things.

By reading books of highly succesful people, you can benefit from their knowledge, get inspired and implement their ways of thinking and methods on how they got succesful.

You can broaden your horizon by learning new things, improve your language skills, read about fascinating stories and train your mind.

The list of benefits is long, so you better try to make reading books a habit.


The constant reminder of what you already have is important for your mental health and your progress.

A lack of gratitude can result into selfishness, depression, and obviously being ungrateful.

You should remind yourself 2 times a day about 3 things that you are grateful for.

Don‘t take things like breathing, or something like that.

Think of the things that you once really wished you had and you now have.

If you do that once in the morning and once in the evening then you can really improve your mindset.

5.Spending your money wisely

Another really important habit is the habit of money management.

If you want to achieve your goals or just have more money then you should definitely work on your spending.

Don‘t spend your money on things that depreciate over time like expensive cars, shoes or jewelry.

Invest in things that bring you money back (stocks, real estate) or bring you any value (books, courses).

6.Creating the Best Habits

The most important habit of them all is the habit of creating the Best Habits.

As the highly succesful man David Meltzer says: you need to do the thing that you want to become a habit consistently, every day, and persistently, without quit.

Start scheduling your day, analyze your spending .

Take some time every day to read.

You can develop habits by implementing these things every day, in your morning routine, or in your day in general.

So go do it.



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18 year old who wants to improve his life and help other people along the road

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18 year old who wants to improve his life and help other people along the road

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